Quality General is one of Hawaii’s industry leaders in the specialty trade of masonry construction.  Taking on projects of ALL sizes, we are able to help drive construction schedules with the use of locally sourced products that stand the test of time.  Masonry is one of the most durable and fundamental building systems.  We have infused technology into masonry systems with our extensive inventory of mast climbing hydraulic work platforms and non-stop manual mast climbing scaffolds. These innovative work platforms specifically designed for masonry has propelled our archaic industry to new heights (literally).  Allowing us to build higher, faster and more safely.



Our masonry specialties include:

•  Masonry Units (CMU) – standard, colored, ground face, textured

•  Rock – Concrete Rock Masonry (CRM) Walls, Grouted Rip Rap

•  Veneer – Natural Stone, Cut Stone, Simulated Concrete Stone Veneer

•  Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

•  Unit Pavers, Brick pavers, Stone pavers, Decorative Concrete pavers


Masonry Construction

Quality General’s origin is in masonry construction. We do all types of masonry from CMU to Rock work, Keystone, Pavers and Veneer. We are also the only Hydromobile™ (hydraulic work platforms) licensed distributor in the state. The HydroMobile work platforms provides us the safest and fastest scaffolding system available to masonry construction.

Project NameType
NCTAMS Comm. CtrGovernment - CMU
Walmart Pearl CityCommerical-CMU
Honolulu Ford DealershipCommercial conc & CMU
Simpson Wisser Community CenterCommercial - all types of masonry
Whole Barracks Renewal 2EGovernment - CMU
Bachelor's Enlisted Quarters Kaneohe Marine BaseGovernment - CMU
Stryker Brigade Motor PoolGovernment - CMU